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Prayer Journal Bundle 2019 Fasting Journal 2019 FAST OFFER WITH FREE CD
Experiance the true power of prayer when you learn to pray prayers that get answered with Dr. Rodgers book on prayer. PLUS get the 21 prayer and fasting journal and a free cd teaching on prrayer and fasting.
get the all new 21 Day fasting Journal from Bob Rodgers ministries use during your time of fasting and prayer
Get the Best selling book The Fasting Manual that shows how you can have a lifestyle of fasting and includes fasting diets prayer patters and more. Plus receive his all new book on Prayer and Fasting for the 2019 fast No Limits. PLUS A FREE CD WHILE SUPPLIES LAST
Christmas Ornament and New Testament Bible NOV. 18 SPECIAL OFFER 3 prayer book set
Get this gift set just in time for christmas from Bob Rodgers ministries. it includes the new testament bible and the Olive Wood christmas ornament of the nativity from the Holy Land.
get this all new CD teaching plus the Olive Wood Cross from Dr. Bob Rodgers
3 of the best selling books on prayer from Americas leading authority on prayer and fasting Dr. Bob Rodgers
Jerusalem Prayer Cross
Get your Olive wood Jerusalem Prayer Cross today straight from the Land of The Bible.